I think its the best thing that could have happened to SMS.
- Anjali, 19, Engineering Student

I see an awesome advantage in the compression part because now Mobile Marketing can make more sense. You can pack in more text. -Rakesh, Advertising

At first you dont know what to do but after you get it, its very easy. I can type much faster now. | Bindu, 23, Teacher

With this, I may use more SMS. | Asha, 26, Receptionist

I am surely going to tell about this to all my friends. | Rajib, 17, Student.

Will it run on my phone? I have a very basic phone. It doesnt have Java applications. | Hemant, 20, IT worker

CleverTexting is a good name. | Rudradeb, 35, Doctor

I like the legacy version because I am very fast with multitap. | Tarun Khurana, 22, IP Attorney

Please tell me when I can have it on my phone. This is my number. | Harminder, 30, Autorickshaw driver

Will it run on Blackberry? | Chauhan, 35, Businessman

How do I put it on my phone? | Dhiren, 30, Police Constable

The right hand and left hand thing is a very good thing. I have never seen it anywhere. | Ramaswami, 45, CEO, Medical devices.

I am too excited. This is improving my spelling | Mimi, 17, Student

Can I use it to store my Address book? | Sumeet, 21, MBA Student

People like to have control. | Steve Vestergaard, 42, CEO, Media Technology

I cant believe this, how can you compress. And if it was possible why wasnt it done before. | Vipul, 35, Fashion Designer

This has no dictionary? So how are you doing it? | Sameer, 35, Software Engineer

Can it open automatically when I want to write a message? | Naina Kapoor, 22, Housewife


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