I dont need to look at the keyboard and the screen at the same time. I can type only looking at the screen. - Ajay, Exporter

I really liked the nearest key system.
- Sartaj Bedi, Fighter pilot.


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The Java implementations of CleverTexting can be installed on any phone that supports Java applications (games etc). Download from this website, unzip, and then transfer the two tiny files (.jad & .jar) to your phone over its USB cable or Bluetooth. Or direct download to phone over GPRS. Get the latest updated versions. To reinstall, you may need to delete the application from your phone first.

Installation is easy, just put the files in any folder (or your phones Application folder) and run the software.

Select Send Message, the first screen is a Banner, Select Next, and you are ready to type.

In CleverTexting, you dont type according to the characters on the keypad. You type according to the letters which are shown on the screen and you choose them using the keypad according to the number indicated. That is all to it. Its easy after you know this.

The default first character is a capital letter but you can use the Down key to go to lower case. Choose the characters from the list and type, if the character is not on the list, use the Select button to go to the next list. As you get used to it, you get typing faster.

Key 0 for space, a short cut for period/stop is two spaces.

The default is Right hand use and Ergonomic Mode, but you can change your Hand and the Mode from the Options. The downloadable application includes all the Modes.

The Right Navigator key (tap twice) takes you to more characters where you can navigate and select keys to enter into your message and then hit any numeric key to get back to the larger typing screen.

After you have finished your message, choose Send from Options, it shows you the text you have composed ( which you may edit here again ) and you may now choose to Compress the SMS by going to Options | Compress.

Enter the number to send to, or choose from the Address book and send the SMS.

If its a compressed SMS the other end must have this software installed on the phone. The application does not have to be running at the other end, it will wake up automatically when a compressed SMS is received and will display the message. Obsolescent MIDP 1.0 phones may need to keep the CleverTexting Receive application running.

If you have not chosen to compress it, it can be received by any kind of phone normally.

This early proof of concept distribution does about 30-40% compression reliably. So if you are around 210 characters you are around the limit of a compressed single message. (Normal SMS is 160 characters per message.) Future versions will compress much more and support other features. Note that every kind of compression always depends on the nature of the input. A statistically normal text is more compressible than one which is not.

Distributing: We encourage you to freely distribute this application to your friends etc. You can transfer the application from phone to phone over Bluetooth/USB Cable/Others. You can also send over Email etc or ask your friends to download the latest version directly from this website. You may also make it available for download from your own website/blog or link to our website.

Please contact us if you need any kind of support. Stay in touch, we are building something very interesting for texting as well as better prediction and far better compression.

A note for handset manufacturers and Telecom Operators .

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