No word/name/brand is Nrmdfheq, but it could be Hollotex or Ariola, for they can be pronounced and are made up of popular phonemes and syllabary extant in the language. CleverTexting can write Flextronics easily because the system is trained on Flexible, Extrovert, Electronics and many other similar words.


Pleasant Experience

Many languages


Low Licensing costs

Patent Protection

Future Developments

For Telecom Operators

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Our Indian Language Keypad technology Panini

Pleasant experience for users.

Users are liking this new way of typing. Specially because there is no need to switch between dictionary and non dictionary modes. Also one can type only looking at the screen which makes it easy to operate in low light conditions or another language keypad phones. One doesnt have to look for the keys on the keypad. CleverTexting offers several different versions to choose from. Simple to use and easier for anyone to learn and start typing, especially the aged people. Always a single key stroke typing.

Easy to implement language specific versions for specific locations.

Only the statistical tables have to be changed to bring about a language specific version. Easy bug free implementation. The same phone can support multiple languages which the user can switch by just changing the mode.

Extremely lightweight technology.

CleverTexting can be easily implemented in as less as 10Kb payload which makes it possible to implement this into low complexity / low cost handsets. To embed into chips or implement within SIM cards.

Low licensing costs.

We are a start up in India and our licensing costs will be lower than the major players of texting technologies.

Adequate Patent protection.

The technology is full of inventive steps and with many critical discriminators from existing/patented technologies. Hence our technology is free from patent contentions.


We are working on other innovations which will make the experience even better in the future using the same technology and the same user interface model.

For Telecom Operators

Superior Usability addresses users who cannot type now and more frequent usage which leads to increased VAS revenues. Application can be included Ondeck.